Personal Hygiene: The Proper Technique for Cleaning a Cut

December 1-7 is National Handwashing Awareness Week. Proper handwashing is essential to everyday health. However, there are instances where handwashing isn't enough. For instance, when you get a cut, handwashing is just the first step to cleaning it.

Sometimes, you may get a cut on your body. It's important to clean this cut fast. If you don't, you can get really sick. When you don't clean a cut, germs can get into your body. This can cause problems for your health. Follow these steps to ensure a cut has been properly cleaned.

The most important step to cleaning a cut is its first step: wash with soap and water. This step can be mastered with proper handwashing techniques. Check out our November 19, 2018 blog post for some techniques and a video tutorial on how to properly wash your hands.

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