Our Approach to Core Subjects: LANGUAGE ARTS

Did you know that we developed our Language Arts series with a particular approach in mind? Our middle school level resources are written for remedial students, with a reading level of grades three to four. This allows our state standards-aligned content to reach all students who fall within a wider-range of learning levels. Our Language Arts resources fall within three categories:

1. Primary
2. Writing Skills
3. Reading Skills

Our Primary level Language Arts resources encourage beginning skills for reading and writing. Our resources encourage students to begin thinking of words as not only a series of individual letters and sounds, but as easily recognizable segments or chunks of language. In 2009 the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were introduced. The goal here was to standardize the curriculum objectives for Language Arts so that every student across the nation would be learning the same content. Although shrouded in controversy, the basic framework that these standards proposed were sound. Due to our objective of meeting all state standards with our resources, we found that our Language Arts series met most of these standards. Our goal is to provide the basic knowledge each student needs to be successful in their academic career while remaining engaged in the subject matter. Click here to download a complete breakdown of each target that our Language Arts series aligns to.

Writing Skills
Our Middle School level Writing Skills resources teach the process or science of writing to growing writers. Our language arts resources are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy for Reading Comprehension. Along with individual state standards and the Common Core State Standards, Bloom’s Taxonomy classifies learning objectives. The activities in this resource engage and build the full range of thinking skills that are essential for students’ written composition. Assignments are given that challenge students to not only recall what they have read, but move beyond this to understand the text through higher-order thinking. By using the higher-order skills laid out in Bloom’s Taxonomy, students become active writers, drawing more meaning from the text, and applying and extending their learning in more sophisticated ways. Included in every resource is a Critical Thinking Skills rubric found on page 2 that highlights which skills are being met. To learn more, please refer to the 6 Levels of Thinking outlined below.

Reading Skills
Our Middle School level Reading Skills resources allow young readers to share their thinking about literature, and to demonstrate their understanding of the material. We believe that a child’s ability to read and comprehend the written word is his or her touchstone to success in school and in life. The primary object of our Reading Skills resources is to teach the basics to reading fluency and understanding in all subject areas. Reading is the most essential communication skill in our society. For this reason, we give emphasis to many of the primary building blocks of reading acquisition.

Our Unique Format
Our format relies on providing students with the necessary building blocks to reading and writing fluency. Each chapter is comprised of 3 sections. The Before You Read section introduces the concepts and key vocabulary words that will be examined in the chapter. It stimulates background knowledge and experience, and guides students to make connections between what they know and what they will learn. The Reading Passage presents the necessary information in order to meet key curriculum and State standards. Included in the Reading Passage are reading and writing tips that emphasize important concepts. The After You Read section includes a variety of comprehension questions geared to test students’ understanding of the concepts presented in the reading. Students are asked to give thoughtful consideration of the reading passage through creative and evaluative short-answer questions, research and extension activities. All of the activities in our resources culminate in a final exam. Teachers can grade their students progress with the provided assessment rubric.

Get started with our Language Arts program by previewing some FREE sample activities taken from our ready-made lesson plans available at our FREE CONTENT page.

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