Time Travel Roadmap

December 8 is Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day. Did you know you could travel through time without leaving your couch? Reading a book is a great way to travel to new locations and different times. Find a book to read that takes place in a different time. It can be the past, or one set in the future. It should be grounded within reality, like a story that takes place somewhere on this Earth, and doesn’t incorporate fantasy elements. Read your chosen story, then compare the time it’s set in with your own. Use our Where Two Worlds Collide graphic organizer from our The Sign of the Beaver Novel Study Guide to compare different criteria between book and real life. Download the free worksheet here.

Next, pick one of the criteria compared in the graphic organizer and draw the two on a single page. Use this to visually show the difference between your time and the one set in your chosen book. Finally, create a roadmap for someone to follow when traveling to the time set in your book. Alternatively, you could write a roadmap for a character from your book to use when traveling to your time. The roadmap should include rules to follow in order to blend in with the time being traveled to.

Get started by browsing our catalog of Novel Study Guides to find inspiration for stories set in different time periods.

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