Teaching Strategies to Get Students Reading

It can be a hard task to encourage students to read. Whether it's a new book, a reading assignment, or a research report. Yet it's an important skill that will become a key part of their daily lives. Some students pick up this skill with ease, yet there are others who struggle. It's important as educators to instill confidence in every reader.

Janelle Cox is an education writer who contributes her expertise to empowering educators with helpful strategies to incorporate into their classrooms. She gives teachers the tools to motivate students to learn and have successful academic careers. Here she has compiled 5 Teaching Strategies for Reading as a contributing writer for TeachHUB.com:

1. Graphic Organizers as Teaching Strategies
In her article, Janelle stresses the benefits of using graphic organizers as a reading strategy. "Graphic organizers enable students to visually see the connections they are reading." This is a powerful tool that allows students of all learning styles to gain comprehension skills based on what they are reading.

Try out some of these FREE graphic organizers to help engage readers.

2. Incorporating Technology
Janelle notes there are many different pieces of technology that can help students with reading. Options like websites and tablets that incorporate games to enhance reading skills. Games are a great way to encourage students who don't like reading activities.

Try out this decision-making game for MAC and PC to practice students' reading skills.

3. Activating Prior Knowledge
The key to comprehension is connecting what you learn to what you already know. Janelle suggests asking students a few questions to help activate their prior knowledge. Some questions include: What do you know about the topic? How can you relate this to your own life? Get a list of some more questions at Janelle's article.

4. Using a Word Wall
A Word Wall is "an effective strategy that can help promote literacy for primary learners". Janelle points out that this timeless classroom display helps students by providing reference and support as they read.

Try this "Take a Guess" game to promote sight word comprehension.

5. Student Choice
The most effective reading strategy is to give your students a choice. Get them wanting to read by allowing them to pick what they read. They will become invested in their choice and eager to see it through. Janelle specifies that students become more engaged and motivated when reading something they have an interest in.

With these 5 strategies, students will develop the necessary reading skills required to become successful readers.

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