UN World Water Day Challenge

UN World Water Day is March 22. Each year, the UN comes out with an overall theme that will be the main focus for World Water Day. This year, the theme is: Leaving no one behind. The goal here is to make clean water available for all by 2030. It's important to make safe water accessible to all, and the UN has challenged us to address the reasons why so many people are being left behind during this water crisis.

We'd like to forward this challenge on to you and your classroom. As a group, brainstorm possible reasons why so many people are without safe, clean water. Think about these questions:

  • Who are the people that are being left behind?
  • Why are these people being left behind?
  • How can these people gain access to safe and clean water?

Get to know more about this theme at the World Water Day website and download a free factsheet. Find out how this year's theme is an extension of the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6) that strives to ensure safe water for all by 2030. Learn more about the problem billions of people are facing without access to safe water, and gain possible insight to share during your classroom brainstorming session.

Delve deeper into this issue with additional resources, like posters and animations. Utilize these materials in your classroom event. Have students look at the posters, then design their own. Set up a station for the animations, then have your students storyboard their own. As a class, develop a social media campaign with the help of the Social Media Kit. Finally, take part in the "World's Largest Lesson" by introducing your students to the Sustainability Development Goals with provided educational resources.

Visit the World Water Day website to learn more about this event and how you can participate.

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